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Archery Bow Aluminum Alloy Tag Bows 18-30 lbs Recurve Bow


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Equipping yourself with a full Archery Tag set comes down to buying just a few items: a  archery bow, a set of arrows and a face mask. Although the game demands much less equipment in comparison to other sports of a similar kind, every item here matters.
The bow, made of a high-quality fiberglass is capable of shooting as Archery Tag arrows as those classical ones. It is light and easy to use by any person, regardless of their age and capabilities.
The arrows used in the game must be an original, foam-ended piece of an equipment that causes no harm and no pain on impact with a player. It is extremely important for the arrows to be an authorized product of Archery Tag as is guarantees safety of use.
The face mask must be worn throughout the entire game as it protects the whole face and neck of a player – for those reasons, it should be chosen individually for each of them to maximize their comfort.


  • bow length:62, 66, 68, inch
  • riser material: aluminium
  • Draw weight : 18 to 30 lbs
  • bow Weight:1.3 kg

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