From the time Archery tag was invented in USA, 2011, The United Kingdom was among the first destinations it was highly embraced. Currently, it is almost available in every UK city including London, Birmingham Midlands, Birkenhead, Truro, Brighton, Romford, Glasgow, Dublin, Edinburgh, Limerick, Lisburn, to mention but a few.

Archery tag is all about using bows and arrows to shoot the opponent. It is one of those games that keeps your adrenaline high throughout. You have to be alert and focussed to avoid being shot and to shoot your opponent(s). The game requires two teams, each with preferably 5 to 10 members depending on the size of the field and the age group playing. Members aged 8 years and below are not allowed to play, while those above are supposed to sign a waiver agreement complying with all the rules and conditions of the game. However, it’s mostly those below 18 who are mostly required to have signed waiver agreements from their parents or guardians allowing them to participate.

Archery tag is a safe game to play courtesy of its equipment which is comprised of archery foam-tipped arrows, archery bows, archery face masks, archery arm-guards, archery inflatable bunkers and the 5-spot targets. The foam-tipped arrows can’t bruise the opponent in any way because it’s cylindrical/round shaped and nonmetallic/steel. The masks and armguards protect the face and arms of the participants respectively.

The field is made of 3 sections with the middle one being the safe zone. Each team stages on opposite sides of the field, and no player is supposed to play from the safe zone.

A player is eliminated from the game when hit by an arrow from the opposing team, and can be recalled when a teammate catches an arrow from the opponents or shoots one of the 5-spots on the opponents’ side.

The team with more players and spots at the end of the allotted time becomes the winner of the game.