Archery equipment games are recognized worldwide given that they have also been performed at the Olympics. These games vary from one another in such a way that some involve the use of foam-tipped arrows while others still use the original pointed steel/metallic arrows. These pointed steel arrows are not for anyone to use while the foam-tipped ones can be used by anyone above 8 years old. Those below 18 should have a signed agreement from their parents or guardians permitting them to play. On the other hand, you must be 18 years and above to purchase the equipment.

The Armoury used to play Archery Equipment Games;

  • Official Archery Foam-Tipped Arrows. These are friendly and safe enough to be handled and used by children.
  • Official Archery Bows. These are used to shoot the arrow by enabling the archer/player to find balance, aim, focus, and release to hit the target.
  • Official Archery Face masks. These are for covering the eyes, nose, mouth and the ears.
  • Official Archery Armguards. These are for the protection of the arms.

The field used to play Archery games;

  • Can be played indoor or outdoors.
  • The field is divided into 3 sections; team-A zone, safe zone, and team-B zone. The safe zone divides the two sides equally.
  • No player is allowed to play from the safe zone.
  • There is a minimum of 3-5 or more inflatable bankers on each side of the team’s field. These generally act as obstacles.
  • There is also 5-spot target boards on each team’s side of the field. Each is placed at the center next to the safe zone.

How to play;

  • Teams are preferred to have a minimum of 4/5 players
  • A player is withdrawn from the game when hit by an opponent’s arrow, and can be recalled when a teammate catches an opponent’s arrow or hits one of the opponent’s 5-spots.
  • A team with more players and spots left at the final whistle becomes the winner.